We are licensed scrap car breakers located in Leeds. A scrap car can represent quite an expense as even a broken car must be taxed unless it is declared off road. Don’t pay to have your car towed away. We can take away your scrap car for free!

Choose us to scrap your car

We have a lot of satisfied customers in and around Leeds, as we have been trading in the Leeds area for over a decade. Because we know the area so well, we can be with you in no time at all if need be. We always make sure to arrive at the time you have arranged for us to collect your scrap car. We can collect cars any time, day or night, seven days a week, and so work around your commitments.

We ensure that your car is disposed of legally. Unscrupulous companies may sell on your car rather than scrapping it, often without informing the DVLA of any change of ownership. This can lead to you being fined! There’s no need to worry about these things with Scrap Car Leeds; we keep everything above board, and inform the DVLA on your behalf that the car is no longer on the road and is to be scrapped. When disposing of a vehicle, we are sure to do so in the most environmentally friendly way we can.

Scrapping your old car will help keep the roads of Leeds clear as long as it is properly disposed of by a reputable company. Having old broken down cars littering the streets makes the area look very run down and untidy, so scrapping your car will make your neighbours happy. Scrap your car for free, call today!